Scuba Diving Instruction

At Mark Scott’s Diving Vietnam, I offer a comprehensive range of scuba diving courses designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to aspiring dive professionals. My experienced instructors provide personalized attention to ensure you gain the knowledge and confidence needed for safe and enjoyable diving experiences. Explore our course offerings below:

Beginner Courses

Open Water Diver $450 1 Diver.. ask for Pricing 2 +

The Open Water Diver course is your first step into the world of scuba diving. Learn essential Skills Safety Comfort protocols through a combination Friendly classroom like Boat, Beach, Shop sessions, confined water practice, and open water dives. Upon completion, you’ll be certified to dive independently with a buddy up to 18 meters (60 feet).

Discover Scuba Diving $125 each 2 Divers… Ask For Pricing 3 +

Perfect for those who want to try scuba diving without committing to a full certification course. Discover Scuba Diving includes a brief theory session and a supervised dive in shallow water, giving you a taste of the underwater world.

Intermediate Courses

Advanced Open Water Diver For 1 Diver $500… Ask For Pricing 2 +

Expand your diving skills with the Advanced Open Water Diver course. This program includes five adventure dives, such as deep diving, night diving, and underwater navigation, allowing you to explore new environments and dive up to 30 meters (100 feet).

Rescue Diver Including CPR & First Aid $500 for 1 Diver.. Ask For Pricing 2+

The Rescue Diver course prepares you to handle emergency situations and assist other divers in distress. Through both classroom learning and practical scenarios, you’ll develop essential rescue skills and increase your confidence as a diver.

Specialty Courses Continue Your Learning Call Today

Nitrox Diver (Enriched Air Diver) $250 for 1 Diver… Ask For Pricing 2+

Extend your bottom time and reduce nitrogen absorption with the Nitrox Diver course. You’ll learn how to safely plan and execute dives using enriched air nitrox, allowing for longer and safer dives.

Deep Diver $500 for 1 Diver… Ask For Pricing 2+

Explore deeper dive sites with confidence in the Deep Diver course. Gain the skills and knowledge to safely dive to depths of up to 40 meters (130 feet), including managing gas consumption and dealing with narcosis.

Night Diver Done Beach Dive 1 Dive $100 for 1 Diver…. Ask For Pricing 2+

Experience the thrill of diving at night with the Night Diver course. Learn to navigate and communicate in low-light conditions, and discover nocturnal marine life that only comes out after dark.

Professional Courses

Dive Master Training 3 weeks to 3 Months + 1 Dive Master Candidate Start Course.

Take your first step towards a professional diving career with the Dive Master course. Assist instructors, lead dive activities, and develop your leadership skills. This course includes extensive dive theory, practical training, and hands-on experience.

Instructor Development Course (IDC) 10 Day Instructor Course and Instructor Exam $1200

Become a certified scuba instructor with our Instructor Development Course. Learn effective teaching techniques, course planning, and student management. This rigorous program prepares you to teach and certify new divers, sharing your passion for the underwater world.

Refresher Courses FREE… Every Certified Diver Adventure Includes.

Scuba Tune-Up FREE INCLUDED Certified Diver Tours

Ideal FREE for certified divers who haven’t been diving in a while, the Scuba Tune-Up course refreshes your skills and knowledge. Review key concepts and practice essential skills in a controlled environment before heading to Our Open Water Dives.

Kids and Family Courses PRIVATE. $300 Boat Fee Plus Activities Fee

Private Family Scuba Diving Adventures Courses.. CALL to discuss Adventure.

Introduce your children to scuba diving with the Discover Scuba or Open Water Diver program. Designed for kids aged 10 and Up this fun and safe Adventures and Courses includes a pool or Pool Like Beach or Boat session where kids can experience breathing underwater and playing with dive gear becoming Comfortable Enough to Move to a Certification Course.

For more information on course schedules, pricing, and prerequisites, please contact us directly. Dive into your next adventure with Mark Scott’s Diving Vietnam and discover the wonders beneath the waves!

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