Boat Charters in Nha Trang Vietnam

Contact Me For ALL Boating NeedsĀ  Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Vietnam +84779037795 [email protected]

This is Our Typical Diving and Snorkeling Boat Private Rental starts $250USD… here in Nha Trang … Phu Quoc ,Vietnam is higher rate. Large Wooden Boat Very Comfortable Restrooms Shower Chairs Sun Deck,Tanning, Sight Seeing,Better Pictures.

We also have Access to several FAST Boats that can Reach Further away Dive and Snorkeling Sites. These FAST Boats are NOT for NON Experienced Divers. Divers Who want something Different and Comfort not a Primary Option But DIVING SNORKELING WATER SPORTS MAIN FOCUS.. This is a PREMIUM Boat $400USD++ is More FUN Both to Ride and to Explore Our Area of Nha Trang Vietnam.

PRIVATE CHARTER….. +84779037795 [email protected]