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Speciality diver scuba diving course

Specialty Diving Courses offered Nha Trang VietNam by Mark Scott's Diving Vietnam include:

ALL Courses Require 2 People for Course Unless Done as Private Course Rate.

1.DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHER.. Learn how to get Better Pictures and Videos while Protecting the Reef from POOR Body positioning and Improper Buoyancy Control While using YOUR Underwater Camera or Video Device to Capture and Share Your Love of the Underwater World..This Course is 2 Days 4 Dives and Hopefully Lots Of Great Pictures and Videos to Share with Diving and NON Scuba Diving Friends.. The Course fee is 8 mvnd or $350 usd  Including INTOVA  HD Camera....


2.Nitrox Diving Up to 40% Oxygen for Decreased Nitrogen Loading for More Diving FUN.this is classroom only Now No Dives Required 3.6 mvnd or $150 USD. REQUIRED for Professional Course But For ALL DIVERS Recommended.


3.DEEP DIVING UP TO 40M.. REQUIRED for ALL Professional Level Divers.This 3 Day 6 Dive Course is to Give You Confidence in Making Dives Beyond the Open Water Diver Recommended limit of 16M.. The Course Fee is 10 mvnd or $450 USD


4.STRESS AND RESCUE + FIRST AID..This Course is REQUIRED for ALL Professional Level Courses and is Combination of POOL and Classroom Plus Open Water Dives this is a 3 day course and covers Emergency in and OUT of the water with Certification as First Aid Certification included.The Course Fee for this Important Life Saving Course is 11 mvnd or $500 USD.


5.UNDERWATER NAVIGATION this course is also REQUIRED By ALL Professional Level Training and is 3 Days 6 Dives and Includes Both Land and underwater practice of Navigation Help You NOT GET LOST... The Course Fee is 9 mvnd or $400 USD.


6.SEARCH AND RECOVERY DIVING..also Required and is 3 days 6 Dives and Includes Land and Water Training this course is designed to Aid You in Working Underwater with Simple Ropes and patterns of Search Techniques. The Course Fee is 9 mvnd or $400 USD.


7.BOAT DIVING Required for Proffesional level this course involves learning simple boat terms and Boat Diving Do's and Do Not to make a better and safer diving Experience while Diving on most popular means of Today's Diving.. 1 day 2 Dives 2.8 mvnd or $125 USD.


8.NIGHT LIMITED VISUABLITY DIVING Requried for Proffessional level Divers and Involves Diving from the Beach NOT From Boat Except in PRIVATE HIRE BOAT.. This 2 Day 2 Dive Course involes learning how to deal with the Unknow of the DARK UNDERWATER,, The course fee from the beach is 5.5 mvnd or $250 USD. BOAT Can Be Done With Special Requist and POLICE APPROVAL..


9.PERFECT BOUYANCY CONTROL this is Required Course for ALL Professional Divers and Important for ALL DIVERS. This is the hardest skill set for most divers to master and with practice is ONLY way that you can Improve beyond the Techniques You will learn in this Course..The Course is 3 days 6 Dives and is 9.mvnd or $400 USD.


10.Equipment Techniques is Required for Proffessioanl level but Good For All Divers to Help them understand Different ideas of Equipment set up for Different types of Diving and Diving Conditions this Course is Best with Diver Providing His Scuba Diving Equipment for Course.. 2 days 4 Dives 4.5 mvnd or $200 usd.

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Speciality diver scuba diving course
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