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Scuba Diver 2 DAY.


Scuba Diver Certification Only Have 2 Days For Diving Not The Strongest Swimmer Then This is Perfect For You.

My Open Water Diver Program can be Done in 3 Days Have Extra Day??

All Courses are Based on Needing at Least 2 People..

If Not... Become What We Call (Scuba Diver) Supervised Diver Which Means That You Need To Dive With Dive Guide Not Independent Like With The Open Water Diver Certification.

Good News Most All Diving Is Done With Guide Even If Open Water Certified Diver. Plus Upgrade To This Level When You Are Ready By Doing More Skills And Dives Under Direction Of Any Dive Instructor At Any Time.

So Great Starting Point for Your Scuba Diving Adventures Now and In The Future.

What Is Include With Your Scuba Diver Certification

  1. Free Online Training
  2. Professional Safe Fun Diving Instruction From Me
  3. All Dive Gear for Course
  4. Quality Scuba Diving Sites
  5. Large Boat.. Safe Comfortable
  6. Lunch, Snacks, Water, Coffee.
  7. Safe Fun Diving Adventure
  8. FREE Diving Vietnam T-Shirt
  9. The Price for this 2 day Scuba Diving Certification Adventure is 5.8m vnd or $275 usd 

  10. Already Scuba Diver Great Upgrade to Open Water Scuba Diver  2 Day Course and includes 4 Dive and Skills Plus Fun Diving and All of Above..Also 5.8m vnd or $275 usd.

  11. Please Be Advised that You Should Have 12-24 Hours After this Scuba Diving Adventure Before Flying..

  12. Mark Scott Diving Viet Nam With Aloha..

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Scuba Diver 2 DAY.
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