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You want to Become Teacher Leader Guide of The Underwater Scuba Diving World well I Am Happy to help You get started here in our Home of Nha Trang VietNam perfect learning Enviroment shallow water beginning Divers so plenty of practice to become the BEST... This Is ONLY Course where there is No Minium Just 1 and I will Do Course Always Better with a BUDDY...also Discounted Rates..

You Need a Love for Scuba Diving and just as Important a Sharing and Caring Love of Teaching . Yes You are a Teacher 1st so if Teaching the Exciting World of Scuba Diving is for You?? SO IS MY COURSE.

This Course is ONLY FOR People Who Can make Strong Comment to Having Highest Standards of Training Our Diving Friends.

What Does This Mean???

This is Training Except Standard of a Job Apply so All Candidates MUST be People of Good Character, NO Training Under Stress (No Party Animals Allowed), Dressed in Professional Manor, Enjoy Doing What We Do Share love Of Underwater World Scuba Diving.

Can I go from Zero-Hero I Hate this phrase PADI* slogan I never wanted To Be Called a Zero Why would You So NO ZERO NEED APPLY.. Beginning Diver Welcomed.

(padi/mcdonalds not My Favorite)

Yes You can go from never having been Scuba Diving to a professional Diving Leader.

As a Dive Professional You are often looked up to if you Earn that Right. Many Supposed People in the Scuba Diving Industry are far from being looked up to… You will not be one of Them but True Professional.

 AIl Our Programs based on 3 months of Diving Teaching and Training. During this Scuba Diving Adventure, I will be Your Teacher and Guide and You will also Teach Me as We Learn Together as Team. What I bring to Our Team is 38 years of Scuba Diving Experience and True Passion for Scuba Diving and Sharing this Love through Teach Others.

What I want from You is a True Love of Becoming an Educator of the Underwater World of Scuba Diving.

So contact Me today, Let Start Our Adventure..

Professional of Scuba Diving World 

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Aloha My Scuba Diving Friends Wanting to Become Future Leader Educator Join Me.. I LOVE TEACHING FUTURE TEACHERS...Read more

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