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Open Water Diver 3 Day

Nha Trang VietNam Open Water Diver Course.


Open Water Course Deposit

 Nha Trang Viet Nam Start Learning Today.Free Online..

Aloha My New Diving Friends Ready for 3 days 6 Dives Adventure.

NOT 4 Dives 2 Days Like Rainbow.

Yes in 3 days in My Home of Nha Trang Viet Nam You can Become Certified Open Water Scuba Diver and Dive All Over The World As Independent Scuba Diving Underwater Explorers. This Scuba Diving Course/Class Makes It Possible for You to go rent Scuba Diving Gear and go Diving as A Scuba Diving Buddy Team without a Dive Master or Instructor If this is What You Desire. Many Time It is Better to Use Professional Guides to Show You An Area at Least for at Couple of Scuba Dives in a New Area of Diving Adventures.

What is Required for this Scuba Diving Adventure Course Open Water Scuba Diver.

 Free Online Scuba Diving Academic Training Link to NDL and My Store. Do Your Training Online at Home through website or can send PDF for use any Time Offline..

When You Arrive My Home of Nha Trang Viet Nam, You Are Ready Scuba Diving Adventure to Start.

Mark Scott’s Diving Vietnam day starts at 9 AM – 4-5 PM  Scuba Diving Day.

Day 1 is Safe Fun Discover Scuba Diving with Simple Skills and just getting Comfortable Scuba Diving Underwater World.

Day 2 is more Scuba Diving Adventures and Review and Addition of more Simple Scuba Diving Skills Above and Below the water. I Believe in Team Teaching, I Teach You Then You Teach Back to Me.

Day 3 Final Day of Diving Skills and Fun Underwater Scuba Diving Adventures. Again You Teach Me and I Teach You.

My Goal is for You to Become Comfortable Without The Need of Being Supervised All The Time Only Needing Help Finding New Underwater Creatures and Touring The New Diving Areas.

What is Included in Open Water Scuba Diver Course

Professional Instruction From Myself To Help You Be Most Comfortable Diver Possible. 

  1. Professional Instruction From Myself. 
  2.  You Comfortable Independent Diver
  3. 3 Days of Diving 2 Dives Each Day with Skill Sets
  4. Free Learning Materials 
  5.  Diving Gear for Diving Course
  6. Free Room Space Available Pre Book Required
  7. Free Mark Scott Diving Viet Nam T-Shirt to Show You Are A Diver of Quality Training.
  8. Large Safe Comfortable Scuba Diving Boat.
  9. Fun Safe Scuba Diving Adventures in Nha Trang Viet Nam

The Open Water Scuba Diver Certification Course here in My Home of Nha Trang $400 USD.Or 9 million vnd.

Please Be Advised that You Should Have 12-24 Hours After this Scuba Diving Adventure Before Flying..

Private Open Water Scuba Diving Course 1 Person $700..

Aloha Mark Scott Diving VietNam with Aloha..

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